Moving from Fear to Hope

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This is the first post in a series to promote dialogue and advance OpenOceans Global’s efforts to build an international, cross-sector community dedicated to a sustainable ocean where humans can coexist with the sea.

No matter which body of water provides us with food, recreation, jobs, aesthetic delight, or piece of mind, we cannot save that portion of the global ocean or use it safely if we don’t understand it.

Click here to watch David's TED Talk

David Gallo is a pioneer in ocean exploration and an enthusiastic Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute ambassador between the sea and those of us on dry land.  Consider this statement David made at a TED Talk in March 2007:

“Today we’ve only explored 3 percent of what’s out in the oceans … which tells us that we don’t know much about this planet at all.”  

OpenOceans Global “Links People to the World’s Oceans” by sharing information that will result in more informed decisions.  In this contentious world where each perspective is convinced that its “their way or the highway,” we need to find a common path to a common future for the ocean.  At OpenOceans Global, we believe that path can be best forged by creating a place where ocean information and data can be brought together, archived, and creatively presented so we all have a better understanding of the ocean and its processes.

With understanding, we can move from a political climate driven by fear of losing the ocean and all it represents to one of hope for a sustainable ocean that will serve and delight us far into the future.

Please join us in this quest.


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